BookBox’s Story Related Activities and Games

At BookBox, we felt that learning to read and pronounce words were not enough. We started looking at taking the project ahead by offering many more features such as “read yourself,” “slow play” version of the story that allows you to read the story at a slower pace, and an extensive vocabulary—a meaning for every word. We have planned to offer bilingual stories that include translation (and transliteration if applicable) along with SLS for our stories. As for story related entertainment, we have memory games, puzzles, and brick games. For story-based activities, we have jumbled words, what’s missing and coloring books.


whats missing

We believe that learning does not stop here. We would like the viewers to find challenging and fun ways to assess themselves once they watch and get familiar with the stories. We have attempted to do that through some simple, yet fun activities woven around the story. The activities have been designed keeping in mind what children enjoy most. We do not want the activities to be another textbook-ish set of lessons, but at the same time want you, your students or children to get to develop the most important skill sets. Apart from concentrating on language, we are also targeting certain other skills like logic, memory, observation, math, and art. Other activities include the Memory Game and Find the Hidden Objects that develop observation and memory, especially required in children.

With our up and coming subscription model, we’re creating new games that vary in level as well, for example, Jumbled Words, matching the first letter would involve a toddler, whereas finding words midst lots of letters would cater to a higher age group. These activities will keep you hooked to the story, through word games, exercises that tackle the logical side, such as Match the Word with the Image, Find the Difference, Puzzle and Word Search.

jumbled words

word search

We would appreciate suggestions and additions from you and if you would like to help us out with more of these to make the simple concept of literacy development richer and more entertaining, do write to us at

Arjita CharacterArjita has spent several years primarily teaching languages in the school scenario across the board. At BookBox, she has been part of production and Quality Control. At present, she is focusing on creating pedagogical content for BookBox stories. Arjita can be found at

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