Teamwork Tricks for Your Adult Classroom

No idea how to entertain your group of suits? I have something great for you: teamwork in theory and practice plus… a treasure hunt! All students love it. It’s more casual, something different than usual (unless it’s your regular practice, of course), not to mention it brings up loads of jokes – and I’m sure you know as a teacher that nothing boosts learning better than fun.

Let’s see how to blend teamwork, business language, and a fairy tale into your successful and rewarding teaching experience (yes, you’re going to be using an awesome, attention-grabbing BookBox story again). You will need:

Lesson Theme: Teamwork for Individual Success

Warm-up: Tell your students you’re going to talk about different skills employees bring to the company. You might ask the following questions:

How important is it to have different specialists?
Is it possible to run a successful business all by yourself?
What are the key skills every company craves for?


The fun part: You’re going to play The Greatest Treasure story with or without subtitles in a plethora of languages to choose from (you can get access to them at The tale is a metaphor of necessity to team up to achieve individual success, with each team member possessing a unique skill and knowledge. It has an inspirational and surprising ending, as the “treasure” being hunted turns out to be the super efficient team, not the riches themselves. Do not reveal the punchline, your students are supposed to retell the story and find out the metaphor by themselves. To close this part, ask them if they agree that a clock-work team is a greater treasure than the success itself.

The not as fun follow-up: An article on the importance of surrounding yourself with various human assets (you might be good at managing a company in general, but you’ll need a good financial or sales experts). You will find plenty of them googling “human assets,” “perfect team,” etc. Before you start working on the article, elicit from your students what they consider themselves good at when it comes to learning the language. Encourage the shy ones, give hints and assign different tasks depending on their strengths, e.g. a person with nice pronunciation might read it out loud, the one with strong vocabulary base can try to explain new words, another find some interesting grammar structures in it or the one you’d like to focus on.

Remember about timing – though The Greatest Treasure story takes only a couple of minutes to watch, it’s very witty and inspiring, so if you don’t want to spend the whole class on the conversation, you’d better keep it up to the point! And if you’re using the same-subtitling option, remind your students to pay attention to pronunciation – the BookBox feature my students are absolutely in love with.

Good luck with your amazing language classes, come back for more ideas and let us know how this lesson plan worked in your classroom!


character 8Marta Styczen has turned her passion for languages and traveling into a daily routine as a is a foreign language teacher, educational content writer, translator, and backpacker. Her mission is to encourage people to enrich their lives through learning new languages and traveling, always inventing new techniques for faster learning and sharing them through her website (still under construction), and Facebook.

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