Identifying the Problem and Solution with Sringeri Sriniwas

An important part of reading skills is the ability to identify the problem faced by the main character and the solution given in the story. Yes, many stories have a problem and solution by the end of the story. But teaching how to identify them becomes much more fun when we have a lovable character like our Shringeri Sriniwas, the colorful protagonist who seems to walk into hilarious difficulties and comes up with equally unique solutions to them.

Two titles feature Shringeri Sriniwas as the main character. In “Too Much Noise”, Shringeri is annoyed because of the constant honking from the highway next to his village. Everything else adds to his irritation, the cows mooing, the kids talking and even the sound of cooking. At this point in the story, pause it and elicit possible solutions to the problem. Once the kids have had a chance to think through and up with a solution, continue the story, and they get to see Shringeri’s unique solution to the problem of too much noise: putting on a pair of headphones as he navigates his way through a busy highway to take his cows to the market.

Too Many Bananas” poses another problem for our tireless hero. He has too many bananas, and no wants them. What can he do with them?

These stories are good to use because the problems they pose are not your everyday problems, but are still relevant enough for the kids to try to come up with their own solutions before they identify the one that Sringeri Sriniwas comes up with, prompting a great deal of creativity!

Critical thinking skills are something that sounds big, but it is just the ability to think through a problem and come up with a solution. The Sringeri Sriniwas stories are a powerful resource to use for developing critical thinking skills along with identification of the problem and solution in a story.

How do you use Sringeri Sriniwas in your classroom? Tell us in the comments section!


character 7Swati Saxena is the founder of Read To Speak, an educational start-up that focuses on building reading and communication skills. Contact Swati at Read To Speak, Ideapad, CIE, IIM Ahmedabad. Find Read To Speak on Facebook.

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