Teaching Through Adventures with Peter – an iPad App

You bought your child an iPad, or you’ve just received iPads for your classroom, and you and your child/students are ecstatic! What else is new? BookBox’s iPad app, Peter and The Greatest Treasure, with story-based spelling, matching, and vocabulary games!


You may have seen The Greatest Treasure in English (US) on YouTube. Probably because it’s our most popular AniBook and has over 3 million views! If you haven’t, it is about Peter, a boy with a map headed out to find the greatest treasure. While on his adventure, he went through a forest, a valley, a desert, climbed a mountain and swam through an ocean using skills from the new friends he met along the way. The group eventually reach Owl, who exposed the greatest treasure. No spoiler alert here; you’ll just have to watch the story to learn what the treasure is. It’s a heart warming story, indeed.


The app, exclusively on iPad, starts with two options. First, you can play The Greatest Treasure in English (US), or play the AniBook with games after every milestone in the story, for example, after Peter and Lion cross the desert or after the two climb the mountain with Eagle. It’s best for the child to be familiar with the words and characters before play the games and activities, therefore, I recommend you play the story in full before playing the games.

Games and Activities in the App:

  • Jumbled Word*
  • Image Puzzle*
  • Word Search
  • Spot the Difference*
  • Spot the Eagles*
  • Match the Words with Pictures*
  • Find the Odd Word Out
  • Hidden Animals*
  • Find the Path*
  • Find the Pattern*
  • Make a Soup
  • Match the Colors*

*Beat the clock in under 60 seconds! This game is timed.

Some activities are pure fun like Hidden Animals, Image Puzzle, Find the Path, Make the Soup, or Match the Colors. The other games focus on education and the vocabulary within The Greatest Treasure improving the student’s critical thinking skills needed for games like Jumbled Word or Find the Odd Word Out. Kids will learn where to place each letter in “Valley,” “Desert,” or “Ocean.” They’ll have to pair “Lion,” “Eagle,” or other animals with their matching images. Before each set of games, the app will replay the section of the story it’s referring to; for example, the child will watch Peter and his friends traveling through the desert before the Jumbled Word game asking to spell “desert.”

This app is perfect for adding another level to student’s education whether it’s Saturday afternoon at home or learning new vocabulary in your language classroom. The app will also give you, the teacher or parent, a hands-off approach to let the kids learn on their own. We fully believe education technology is a great way to enhance the classroom! The games will also work with the Same Language Subtitles in the story to imprint critical thinking skills.

Love Peter and the Greatest Treasure app? Are your students learning new words? We’d love to hear how you’re using our new app at home or in your classroom!


character 1Tamar Gaffin-Cahn, at the time this post was written, was BookBox’s Outreach and Social Media Coordinator. You can find her at tamar@bookbox.com, on Twitter at @tamargc, going on outdoor adventures or eating delicious vegetarian Indian food.

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