Soap King Teaches Hygiene for World Health Day

Often, teaching hygiene is boring, lame or even gross! Whether your teaching your children to wash their hands after they use the bathroom or teaching pre-teens to shower regularly, discussing cleanliness can get awkward. In this lesson plan, we’re watching Bunty and Bubbly in English (US)!


Luckily for you, Bunty and the Soap King are here to save the day, well, Soap King and his army of bubbles will save the day as they fight off germs within Bunty’s dream to inspire a girl who loves to play in the dirt to finally clean up!

Bunty bubbly 1

Start by showing Bunty and Bubbly to your child or students. As always, at the end of the story, ask them if they enjoyed it and how much they understood. Ask if they can summarize or repeat the story.

Bunty bubbly 3

Go over new words (nouns) the child learned, for example:

  • Butterflies
  • Birds
  • Sand Castle
  • Paper Boats (it might be fun to make a paper boat together as a fun activity)
  • Home
  • Soap
  • Germs
  • Bubbles

Bunty bubbly 4

Add another vocabulary list not in the story. Talk about toiletries or things one will find in a bathroom: shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, sink, toilet, shower, bath, mirror, etc. In their second language, have them describe a bathroom using (words that describe location). Give an example: On the left is the sink, the mirror is above the sink on the wall, on the right is the toilet and to the right of the toilet is the shower.


With younger kids, encourage them to show you how to wash your hands. No need to go to a sink, have them stay in their seats and mimic washing their hands, brushing their teeth, or washing their hair.


With older kids, talk about the medical and scientific reasons why it’s healthy to stay clean, wear deodorant and shower after they play sports, exercise or sweat. If possible, bring in the school nurse to discuss cleanliness.


With your child, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth together. Seeing a parent or someone they love, and trust will help them learn how to stay clean and healthy. Rather than telling, leading by example is a great way to instill a hygienic lifestyle. During bath time, pretend the bubbles are part of the Soap King’s army of bubbles attacking the germs.

How did you use Bunty and Bubbly in your living room or classroom? Tell us in the comments section!

character 1Tamar Gaffin-Cahn, at the time this post was written, was BookBox’s Outreach and Social Media Coordinator. You can find her at, on Twitter at @tamargc, going on outdoor adventures or eating delicious vegetarian Indian food.


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