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Acquiring a second language needs large numbers of reading, but reading along isn’t
effective enough! The auxiliary audio material builds you a connection between pronunciation and characters to strengthen your understanding for the language.
Knowing this and dedicated to maximizing reading ding’s utility, BookBox, founded according to the goal “ overcoming the distribution challenges of print by piping reading to children through digital and electronic media.” BoookBox has already won lots of awards and has a good reputation that testified their successful achievement.

After an in-person try out, we have to say that the learning method of BookBox works great!
It’s our honor to write a review for this promising “educational publisher”.

How to get started:

BookBox is not only available on reading platforms, such as Kindle. You can use it
everywhere-from print books, broadcast TV, YouTube channel and even on mobile apps.
Having digital books in 40 languages, BookBox is a great improvement for those who are
ambitious to become bilingual and more. Most important of all, it’s handful and easy to get access to for everyone!

Presuming you are an English native speaker, and you would love to learn Mandarin, the
BookBox’s YouTube channel will be very helpful.

First, the user has to search for Bookbox at YouTube! Afterwards search for the target language, like Chines, within thechannel! Choose a story that seems tempted to you! In our example we have chosen a story about a turtle who can play flute. In the video a narrator tells the storyof the turtle while the audience can read the subtitles with Chinese
characters simultaneously. For Beginners in Chinese learning, it might be quite difficult to
understand the sentence, but you still can get the story by watching the animation. The
illustrations give a rough idea of some vocabulary and the storyline.
Second, the Second, the user has to search for the English version of this story! Reading the language in English once more, you get to learn that turtle is “ 甲魚 ” in Chinese, Flute is “ 长笛 ” and also you can match the grammar structure as well: “___’s” in Chinese will be “___ 的 ”. You gain new knowledge of Chinese subconsciously. Amazed? Through the media powered by the methodology “Same Language Subtitling (SLS)”, learns can build second language learning based on their known language. This is mainly how the magic happens! And, who doesn’t like watching cartoons? Animations drag your attention to an imaginary world, moreover, people can often learn some morals or self-reflections from it. Without pressure, but simply “memorizing and learning” by the visual stimulation. What could be more awesome?


Reading with BookBox is fun, and we love it! This is a brand new experience -reading while deepening your understanding through print and audio-visual media. We
highly recommend this tool to all! Give it a try! You won’t regret it! If you would love to
discuss the stories with someone, having a Chinese tutor is always a great option and a
Last, BookBox offers free resources generously. But if you would love to get full access to resources such as full story books, new language versions and much more, it is worth paying a great deal and get subscribed! Better to go for something rather than just
think about it. Let’s start the language learning journey with BookBox together now!

2 thoughts on “TutorMandarin’s chef recommendation

  1. I’m learning Mandarin and although I know around 400 word possibly more. a mixture of HSK1 and 2 with little 3 and 4, I still find it hard going to read these stories whilst other stories I find absolutely fine with the odd hanzi to look up. I guess these stories introduce words adults would otherwise never use like from the book “The Greatest Treasure”, one would seldom use the words “treasure” – hence the reason why some words are hard going. Some other words also like yi1pian4 sen1len2 (a slice of forest) which just means “the forest” – one has to be able to apply rather than literally translate mandarin which is the hardest part. However, I tend to use a plethora of resources including that “dramafever” (subscription), reading and youtube and a tutor. However, to progress beyond level HSK 2 is proving very hard. I do a lot of consolidation because I guess when you don’t have anyone to converse with and all by oneself it can be very hard. I only see my tutor for 1 hour, once a week not enough really. But I am eternally grateful to Bookbox inc because exactly as the above author has just said as if by magic one’s vocabulary is building without realising on what one already knows (which is greeting and polite conversation). If anyone would like to converse in English in exchange for Mandarin I’d be very happy to oblige. If further material of mandarin progress becomes available, please remember to include me in disseminating this information. And to all authors making this site possible – feichang ganxie


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