What is SLS? 5 Reasons Why You Should Teach with Same Language Subtitle(SLS).

Same Language Subtitling (SLS)  is a scientifically tested and proven approach to help improve reading skills and language learning, ultimately promoting a love for reading.

And the reason one should always teach with SLS

1.Enhances Reading Level :

Studies show that if you watch 30 minutes of video with Same Language Subtitles once a week for two years, you’ll be significantly more literate than before.

2. Boosts Engagement :

When students see and hear the words at the same time, they don’t have to guess at the meaning of the story, increasing the engagement in the story.

3. Connects audio and visual sensors :

Same Language Subtitles engage multiple parts of your brain. Your mind gets a workout, and you get a well-rounded subconscious learning experience.

4. Teaching different Reading Levels :

Teaching children at different reading levels? No problem! Same Language Subtitles(SLS) are optional during the story. Students who need extra help can use SLS, and students who already read well can focus on the story’s pictures.

5. Creates enjoyable experience :

When you know the words, it is easier to follow along with the story and enjoy the entertainment. Adult language learners will be encouraged to find that they’re progressively improving, learning one new word after another.



Try this activity with your students or children. Let us know what you think!


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