8 Study Results Proving the Importance of SLS.



1.In a two year study, 51.1% more children could read all the simple words thanks to SLS.

2.SLS might make it difficult if not impossible to remain functionally illiterate.The earlier   SLS is available at home, in parallel with beginning reading instruction, the more a school child will be able to leverage it to reinforce at home what is learned in school.

3.The impact of SLS is strong and visible again. In the SLS group, 14.2% more children could read a Grade 5 text and 13.5% more children ould read a Grade 2 text.

4.SLS is a solution, not just for India, but in any country where song based programming is consumed on TV, including developed countries that have their own low reading challenges.

5.With two years of regular SLS exposure at home (along with schooling), our intervention transitioned an additional 30.5% weak-reading children to become Grade 1 level readers or better.

6.SLS is a positively disruptive, extremely low cost, evidence supported (from several published research studies), and large-scale reading intervention.

7.The context of reading skill acquisition can flip from: “Is it possible to make everyone a good reader” to, “is it possible to stop anyone from becoming a good reader”



An Eye-tracking  video of a Bollywood film song, viewed by a semi-literate woman. Eye-fixations were 67% in the subtitle region for the SLS condition and 2% for the no-SLS condition.




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