Nicole Else – Esperanto Volunteer- Translator and Narrator

Nicole Else – Add My Language(AML) Volunteer (Esperanto)

We are so happy that through to our Add My Volunteer program, Nicole got in touch with us. She has contributed her expertise to make BookBox stories in Esperanto! Watch the video to know more about her wonderful work and what Nicole has to say.

Translated by Nicole: “Turtle’s Flute“, ‘The Little Pianist“, “Santa’s Christmas“, “The Greatest Treasure“, “Rosa Goes to the City“, “The First Well“, “The Four Friends“, “Zippy the Zebra (Symbiosis)“, “The Boo in the Shoe“, “Tucket the Bucket“, “The Elves and the Shoemaker“, “The Flying Elephant“, “The King’s Secret “, “Wind and the Sun” , “The Moon and the Cap

Translated and narrated by Nicole: “The Whispering Palms


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