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As we post each blog with a new author, we will update this page to add the bio and contact information of the new author.

We are looking for language teachers, parents, or language learners for our blog to write  posts about your positive experience using BookBox in your classroom. Great posts are about children’s reception to the stories, activities on our website, and creative lesson plans based on BookBox stories. Your posts will be shared with our customers, social media and the blogging world. In addition to the public blog, we would like your feedback on stories and activities in order to improve our products. If you have a blog, we’d like you to post at least once or twice about our stories.

This blog is an ongoing project with no deadline to apply, however, a driven blogger with time management is always a plus. If interested, please email


Arjita Character

Arjita Nair

Arjita has spent several years primarily teaching languages in the school scenario across the board. At BookBox, she has been part of production and Quality Control. At present, she is focusing on creating pedagogical content for BookBox stories. Arjita can be found at


character 8

Marta Styczen

Marta has turned her passion for languages and traveling into a daily routine as a is a foreign language teacher, educational content writer, translator, and backpacker. Her mission is to encourage people to enrich their lives through learning new languages and traveling, always inventing new techniques for faster learning and sharing them through her website 5 Language Club (still under construction),  Vegan Beauty Travels and Facebook.


Nabanita Deshmukh Character

Nabanita Deshmukh

Nabanita is a writer of children’s stories and rhymes. She conducts workshops for teachers and students on storytelling and other interactive modes of teaching. She can be contacted at


character 1

Tamar Gaffin-Cahn

Tamar was BookBox’s Outreach and Social Media Coordinator from April 2015-2016. You can find her at, on Twitter at @tamargc, going on outdoor adventures or eating delicious vegetarian Indian food.


character 4Sara T.

Sara T. is a Spanish tutor with, and has been teaching online for more than two years and in-person for more than five years. She has a MA degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology. In her classes, Sara takes full advantage of websites like BookBox, which offer fun, interactive ways for kids to learn a second language.

If you are interested in private Spanish lessons for yourself or your child, please visit Sara’s profile page for TakeLessons.



character 7Swati Saxena

Swati is the founder of Read To Speak, an educational start-up that focuses on building reading and communication skills. Contact Swati at Read To Speak, Ideapad, CIE, IIM Ahmedabad. Find Read To Speak on Facebook.


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