How I use BookBox!

Here are a few lines to describe how I use BookBox. A few years ago, maybe in 2013, I discovered BookBox’s website by chance while I was looking on the net for resources for my students of Esperanto. I was very happy to find there were already 9 stories translated in Esperanto. The advantages of … More How I use BookBox!

Practise your German with videos from BookBox by Angelika Davey

I came across BookBox this weekend. Although they seem to have been around for a while, it was the first time that I saw one of their videos. Based in India, they  make short videos of children’s stories in various languages, including German. Each story has subtitles, so you can read along with it, or … More Practise your German with videos from BookBox by Angelika Davey

TutorMandarin’s chef recommendation

Hyper: Acquiring a second language needs large numbers of reading, but reading along isn’t effective enough! The auxiliary audio material builds you a connection between pronunciation and characters to strengthen your understanding for the language. Knowing this and dedicated to maximizing reading ding’s utility, BookBox, founded according to the goal “ overcoming the distribution challenges … More TutorMandarin’s chef recommendation