No Lesson Plan is the Best Lesson Plan

Teaching Business English usually means solving real-life problems and dozens of case studies. The more customized, the better, and here comes not only your creativity but, first and foremost, the time you need to spend on tailoring a course book story to your students’ actual professions.  Ironically enough, not having a lesson plan often brings … More No Lesson Plan is the Best Lesson Plan

Soap King Teaches Hygiene for World Health Day

Often, teaching hygiene is boring, lame or even gross! Whether your teaching your children to wash their hands after they use the bathroom or teaching pre-teens to shower regularly, discussing cleanliness can get awkward. In this lesson plan, we’re watching Bunty and Bubbly in English (US)!   Luckily for you, Bunty and the Soap King … More Soap King Teaches Hygiene for World Health Day

Reading Comprehension from Turtle’s Flute

Recently a demonstration of the Bookbox “Turtle’s Flute” AniBook was done in a government primary school in Pondicherry. There were about 100 students present along with three teachers. How did the interaction go? CLASSROOM TALK We asked the large gathering of students whether they liked listening to stories. Almost everyone said ‘yes’ except for a few shy … More Reading Comprehension from Turtle’s Flute

Reading Comprehension With BookBox

BookBox’s stories with same language subtitles help children acquire language by arousing their sensory perceptions through audio-visual methods. In this way, multiple parts of their brains get developed and help them grasp the overall meaning of a story. I have used BookBox stories in several government-run and tribal schools across various states of India and … More Reading Comprehension With BookBox

Use “Zippy the Zebra” to teach new words from context!

“So, what does symbiosis mean?” As I looked around the group of seven and 8 year-olds gathered around me, they looked back at me with big question marks in their eyes. “Ah…I have got their attention,” I thought.  “Do you want to know how you can find the meaning of a word that you don’t … More Use “Zippy the Zebra” to teach new words from context!