TutorMandarin’s chef recommendation

Hyper: Acquiring a second language needs large numbers of reading, but reading along isn’t effective enough! The auxiliary audio material builds you a connection between pronunciation and characters to strengthen your understanding for the language. Knowing this and dedicated to maximizing reading ding’s utility, BookBox, founded according to the goal “ overcoming the distribution challenges … More TutorMandarin’s chef recommendation

Teaching Through Adventures with Peter – an iPad App

You bought your child an iPad, or you’ve just received iPads for your classroom, and you and your child/students are ecstatic! What else is new? BookBox’s iPad app, Peter and The Greatest Treasure, with story-based spelling, matching, and vocabulary games!   You may have seen The Greatest Treasure in English (US) on YouTube. Probably because it’s … More Teaching Through Adventures with Peter – an iPad App

Reading Comprehension from Turtle’s Flute

Recently a demonstration of the Bookbox “Turtle’s Flute” AniBook was done in a government primary school in Pondicherry. There were about 100 students present along with three teachers. How did the interaction go? CLASSROOM TALK We asked the large gathering of students whether they liked listening to stories. Almost everyone said ‘yes’ except for a few shy … More Reading Comprehension from Turtle’s Flute

Identifying the Problem and Solution with Sringeri Sriniwas

An important part of reading skills is the ability to identify the problem faced by the main character and the solution given in the story. Yes, many stories have a problem and solution by the end of the story. But teaching how to identify them becomes much more fun when we have a lovable character … More Identifying the Problem and Solution with Sringeri Sriniwas

Get Unconventional in Your Adult Classroom

You’re going to teach a foreign language to a group of business people. You know they’re demanding and ‘fussy’ because they were shaped to go for quality and innovation. What materials would you consider engaging? A sophisticated article on the economy? But they’ve already skimmed one during their lunch, sighed a few times thinking where … More Get Unconventional in Your Adult Classroom